International Datacasting and Doremi Cinema Sign Cross-Licensing Agreements for Sensio 3D Technology and AccessIT CineLive Roll-Out

International Datacasting Corporation, a global leader in providing advanced solutions for the distribution of broadband multimedia content via satellite, announced today that the Company has signed cross-licensing agreements with Doremi Cinema enabling the use of leading edge 3D live technology from Sensio Technologies in Doremi playback servers.

The technologies combine to create CineLive, the 2D and 3D solution exclusively licensed by Access Integrated Technologies (AccessIT) in its digital cinema network deployed across the US market. The pacts include a Technology Sublicense Agreement from IDC enabling Doremi to embed Sensio 3D decoding technology into the Doremi DCP-2000 family of digital cinema playback servers, as well as a related Technology Licensing Agreement enabling IDC to incorporate Doremi's real-time streaming software in its SuperFlex Pro Cinema product line. The combination of the two implements an alternative configuration of the CineLive 3D solution being deployed by AccessIT to top markets across the USA for live 2D and 3D events.

The Sensio 3D technology is a leading edge solution for the encoding and decoding of stereoscopic video streams (representing left and right eye images) in a unique way that uses half the transmission bandwidth compared to other technologies without sacrificing image resolution. The technology is also inherently stable, eliminating legacy problems associated with eye strain and visual disorientation.

The Doremi Cinema DCP-2000 digital cinema servers are qualified to meet Hollywood's demanding requirements for digital play-out quality and encryption and are in wide use worldwide. The addition of the Sensio technology to the servers, which were originally developed to store and playback JPEG2000 movie files, allows them to be used to drive 3D enabled digital cinema projectors with live events delivered via satellite. Use of Doremi servers in the CineLive system eliminates the need and expense of additional video and audio switching equipment and ensures ease of retrofit into existing theatres.

The SuperFlex Pro Cinema product line from IDC is a family of hardware and software products that can be configured to provide a range of end-to-end solutions for the delivery of both file-based movies and live events over a broadband satellite network. The product line features open standards including the latest DVB-S2 broadcast technology with a variety of encryption options and plug and play interoperability with terrestrial Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

As a leading provider of digital cinema services, AccessIT has equipped over 70% of the digitally equipped screens in the US while their Theatre Command Center software has supported millions of digital movie showings to date. Their networked turnkey system solution permits hands-off operation for theatre owners and features their Library Management Server that is fed by IDC's SuperFlex satellite network and uses Doremi servers for playout to both 2D and 3D equipped digital cinema projectors. Most recently, AccessIT, supported by Sensio and IDC technologies launched a 150 location rollout of CineLive.

The Sublicense Agreement with Doremi was granted by IDC under authority of the exclusive technology license agreement signed with Sensio Technologies earlier this year for the digital cinema market. The relationship with Doremi builds on the previously announced exclusivity agreement between IDC, AccessIT and Sensio Technologies which has been amended by the parties accordingly.

Source: NAB365