intoPIX Presents its New Range of JPEG 2000 Mathematically Lossless IP-Cores

intoPIX, the leader in JPEG 2000 solutions presents its new Mathematically Lossless family of encoders and decoders.

Keeping the highest image quality is the priority in Production and Archiving. This has always been accomplished using raw or uncompressed formats. However, our digital era is associating this need with an additional issue: increased resolution, frame rates and quality are making bandwidth and storage needs skyrocket. Cutting them in half or even by three while keeping every bit of information unaltered is now possible with intoPIX’s new range of Mathematically Lossless hardware codecs.

The M-Lossless family is able to process 10, 12 and up to 16 color bit depth, HD 1080 resolutions up to 60p and DCI 2K and 4K compliant formats in real-time, keeping bit-to-bit reversibility.

During IBC, a complete JPEG 2000 encoding-decoding chain will be demonstrated at our booth (10.D.29), displaying several compression ratios up to Mathematically Lossless.