Aston Shows 3D Stereoscopic Graphics at IBC 2008

Alongside the latest Aston 7 real-time 3D HD graphics system, Aston will have a live demonstration of how 3D graphics may be applied to stereoscopic video content.

Using active shuttered technology, Aston will be presenting 3D video and graphics using on the latest generation Samsung consumer 3D Plasma TV displays. As 3D TV becomes reality in gaming and digital signage, Aston’s product team is planning for the day that 3D transmission takes off by building 3D display formats into the A7 product.

Visitors to the Aston stand will see the latest version of the new A7 real-time 3D HD graphics system which offers powerful animations and visual effects simple unattainable on conventional 2D CG products. A7 has been used extensively for live coverage of Golf, Tennis, Football and other sports during the last 12 months, as well as on news and entertainment programming.

Source: BroadcastBuyer