SMPTE International Digital Cinema Forum

Organized by SMPTE in co-operation with the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia on the occasion of the 65th Venice Film Festival, the Forum will take place Tuesday September 2nd, 2008 in the “Sala Volpi” of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido di Venezia.

The market for Digital Cinema is exploding across the world of motion imaging communications: theatrical exhibition, film festivals, home entertainment, conventions, museums, in-store shopping, not forgetting the Internet. Thanks to the Digital Cinema technology, including 3D stereoscopic movies and alternative contents, filmmakers are taking production, distribution and exhibition into their own hands, with a tremendous improvement of the expressive potentialities and business. These will be the issues of this International SMPTE Forum.

8:30 am: Registration of the participants (if not already pre-registered via email).

9:30 am: Papers presented by experts and professionals of the Digital Cinema. Among them:
- Kimberly Maki, Executive Director of SMPTE and Vice President of public affaires of Time Warner, Houston (Tx, USA)

- Melissa Butts, director and producer, Los Angeles (Ca, USA). Her 3D documentary Sun, produced for NASA, will be screened

- Neil Fieldman, Westlake Village (Ca, USA), Director of In-Three, first company operating in 3D (Star Wars serial)

- Charlotte Jones, cinema analyst of Screen Digest, London (UK), (about the state of art of 3D Digital Cinema)

- Howard Lukk, Vice President of Production Technology at The Walt Disney Studios (about the American migration to Digital Cinema and 3D)

- Representatives of IMAX, THX and Dolby and officers of ANICA (Italian National Association of the Film Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries) and AGIS (Italian General Association of Entertainment), presenting their view on Digital Cinema and 3D.

1:00 pm: “Bravo Awards” giving to those who contributed to the “Workflow innovation of Cinematography in the digital era”. The Prize is at its 3rd edition.

1:30 pm: closing of the Forum

Please register by contacting or
Attendees to the Forum will receive a Participation Certificate

For additional info please contact:
Franco Visintin, SMPTE-Italy Chair, email
Angelo D’Alessio, SMPTE International Sections Director, email

We are looking forward to seeing you at Venice-Lido sure that this Forum, thanks to the high level of its panelists, will give a useful contribution to the knowledge, the opportunities and the modus operandi of the new Digital Cinema.