Interra Systems - Automated Content Verification System and Media Analyzers

With a spurt in the demand for High Definition content, content providers and enablers, media product developers and designers, constantly need to make sure that their content is ready for multiple channels and playout. Interra Systems has been a pioneer in providing just the right software tools needed for ensuring content readiness. At IBC2008, Interra Systems will showcase its flagship products Baton and Vega.

Baton – Automated Content Verification System
Baton is an automated content verification system for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. Baton's flexible and hardware independent design has appealed to several leading studios and post production houses, who have integrated Baton in their tapeless workflows and made automated content verification a vital component of their workflow.

A software-based, hardware independent solution, Baton automates verification of digital media content, significantly reducing dependency on manual quality control of content before distribution. Along with compliance checks, Baton detects quality issues in media, such as blockiness, blurriness, jagginess, cadence, pixelation, chroma levels, audio silence, mosquito noise, color levels, black bars, and more. The detailed reports come with complete stream profile, erroneous locations, and thumbnails.

Baton can be easily configured to access diverse types of content locations: SAN, NAS, network drives, and active storage systems. Automation features, such as watch folders, moving of content to playout/quarantine, email/TCP/UDP alerts ensures minimum human intervention in the quality control process. A very seamless integration with file-based workflows is available through the Baton APIs.

Baton test plans are comprehensive and cover all possible checks for standard compliance, decoding issues, encoding issues, and quality issues. Further, the test plans can be configured for verifications needs, can be versioned, and distributed between various installations of Baton in a cross-facility environment.

Baton is available for Windows and MAC environments. Baton is also available in integration with popular active media servers.

At IBC2008, Interra will demo support for several new quality checks, such as blurriness, jagginess, choppy audio, white point, drop frames, color space, wow/flutter noise, and more. Interra will also demo verification automation using watch folder alerts and customization of test plans for specific needs.

Vega - Media Analyzers
Vega, the family of Media Analyzers, is a suite of audio/video analyzers that is being widely used to debug and troubleshoot encoded video and audio problems in media products. With over 230 licenses worldwide, Vega has become the de facto standards compliance tool.

Vega has enabled media professionals, working with encoded streams, to significantly reduce development time and rapidly build quality in their products. These professionals can focus on developing and optimizing algorithms rather than debugging issues in the encoded streams.

Vega drills down into the encoded details of stream and pin points the location of problem areas and provides detailed information on aspects such as bits used, QP, buffer flows, frame statistics, reference pictures, packet issues, and more. Information is displayed intuitively covering all analytical corners. For example, PCR inaccuracy can cause program loss during transmission. Vega lets its users examine faults in PCR samples through the Timing Analysis graphs that projects statistics related to PCR inaccuracy, PCR jitter, PCR interval, PTS/DTS plots against PCR values.

Vega supports a wide range of audio and video technologies, such as MEPG-2 Transport, AVI, QuickTime, H.264, VC1, MPEG4, MPEG2 Video, MP4, Dolby Digital (AC3), Dolby Digital Plus, and AAC Audio. Vega’s Dolby AC3 analysis is certified by Dolby Labs.

At IBC2008, Interra will demo several new features in Vega such as, support for CC data, subtitles, teletext, E-AC3, DVB-H, and more.

Source: PostProduction Buyers' Guide