SceneScope 1.4 Updated with One-Stop Analysis of All MPEG-4/3GPP Standards

Sceneware launched update 1.4 of the company’s leading SceneScope MPEG-4/3GPP video analysis and verification tool. Key improvements include higher speed analysis, increased stability and extended standards compliance.

“One-stop analysis is the key driver,” said Sceneware Director Mathijn Elhorst. “SceneScope 1.4 is an indispensible tool for content owners looking to verify and test their video for mobile viewing. A broad range of track types and an bility to switch easily between audio and video make it one of the most versatile and cost-effective analytical tools on the market.”

About Scenescope
Scenescope is an analytical tool for understanding and meeting all MPEG-4/3GPP industry standards. It enables users to analyze, verify and export your MPEG-4 and 3GPP files. Scenescope can be used for an exceptionally wide range of content types and provides clear exportable reports on all file layers.

Cost-effective analysis of:
- MPEG-4/H2.63/H.264 video
- RTP hint tracks
- BIFS tracks
- MP4 file structure

Source: Sceneware