Professional Mobile Content Producer to work with both 3G and Windows Media Formats

Sceneware, the MPEG-4 encoding specialist, today announced release 2.0 of its industry-leading mobile content producer tool SceneCast. The new release adds Windows Media Format support, the first professional mobile content producer capable of encoding content for the full spectrum of mobile formats.

SceneCast 2.0 also operates with the H.264 video codec, providing the highest quality encoding and future-proofing for users. No other tool on the market currently offers such a wide range of formats.

“This new release will attract a broad base of customers who want to use a single tool for the complete mobile spectrum,” said Sceneware Director Taco Kampstra. “A lot of the new functionalities were developed during a collaboration with the leading global concert promotor LiveNation in the USA, and they really add versatility to the product. In a live capture situation, for instance, you can now use one capture device to produce 3G as well as Windows Media, saving you a lot of time and money.”

About SceneCast
SceneCast allows content providers to encode content for both live broadcast and on-demand delivery to any 3GPP(2) equipped mobile device like a PDA or smartphone. Available for Windows NT/2000/XP, the tool guarantees lower bit rates, higher video quality and a better all-round end-user experience than any of its competitors.

Excellent encoder quality is assured by taking great care not to exceed the maximum bitrate levels imposed by modern UMTS circuit- and packet switched networks, thereby reducing packet loss and improving video and audion quality. SceneCast also ensures extremely low CPU usage, making it possible to easily run 6 or more QCIF encoder feeds on a single processor core. Hardware costs can be reduced still further because SceneCast enables content providers to share capture devices between encoder feeds, for example for simultaneous broadcasting of a single channel to both mobile and internet.

Source: Sceneware