Manzanita Announces MPEGID 3.0

Manzanita Systems' MPEGID 3.0, an upgrade to the MPEG Stream Identifier software utility, will be available worldwide on August 18, 2008. This release includes new key features such as MP4 file support, DVB subtitle and teletext detection, and expanded format support for audio elementary streams.

MPEGID is an easy-to-use software utility that quickly identifies and displays detailed information about files commonly used in digital television, streaming media, and DVDs. The utility includes a command line interface as well as a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI enables the user to conveniently drag and drop a file directly onto the application's window to learn more about its characteristics, the stream structure and hierarchy, and important properties of all components.

MPEGID can now parse and display the structure and contents of an MP4 file. The ".mp4" file name suffix denotes a media container file that can hold not only video and audio streams, but also subtitles and other data. The demultiplexer engine in MPEGID can strip out and save the individual video and audio elementary streams of the MP4 file. Version 3.0 also recognizes several new data types, including DVB subtitles and teletext streams. Audio support has been expanded to include HE-AAC v1 and v2 audio as well as substreams in Dolby Digital Plus elementary streams

MPEGID 3.0 will be available, free of charge, to customers who own previous versions of MPEGID, or other Manzanita software products. Full functionality of the downloadable MPEGID demo is automatically activated by USB hardware license keys for recent Manzanita software releases. An activation key to unlock the full version can also be purchased directly from Manzanita for only $49.95 (USD).

Source: BroadcastBuyer