Arriraw T-Link Certificate Verifies Recorders for D21

The ARRIRAW T-Link (Transport Link) certificate has been developed to allow certified data recorder manufacturers to market their ability to record the raw data from the ARRIFLEX D-21 film style camera.

The ARRIRAW T-Link is a simple and standardized method of transporting raw data from the ARRIFLEX D-21 to a recorder. It is a method of packing the ARRIRAW 12 bit data into the RGBA HD file format. Transmission is achieved over a standard dual link HD-SDI connection per SMPTE 372M. At this point, certified manufacturers working in partnership with ARRI include Codex Digital and S.two. Data recorder manufacturers can receive the T-Link certificate if they fulfill the following conditions, that their product can record the ARRIRAW T-link stream, can show a live preview while recording, can play back the ARRIRAW images, can de-squeeze an anamorphic image for preview and playback and outputs raw data in a format that can be read by the ARRI Image Booster software.

Source: BroadcastBuyer