DVS SpycerBox with Ingest Option

DVS presents the SpycerBox, a flexible storage solution At IBC. With a capacity of 24 TB, the SpycerBox can be used as a central NAS solution with integrated storage or as a file or backup server for workflows. The SpycerBox is also an ideal video server with large memory as well as capture functionality.

Video material is ingested as uncompressed image sequences to preserve the best possible image quality. The ingest control is run by a remote user interface that, when installed on other systems and clients, can also control record or play-out processes.

With its transcoding option, the Spycer software can be used to automatically convert image sequences into compressed video sequences or proxies. Thanks to InfiniBand, Ethernet and other IT interfaces, the recorded video clips can be distributed to other workstations using the Spycer high-speed copying process, which prevents fragmentation. In addition to InfiniBand and Ethernet, the SpycerBox provides users with a large variety of interfaces: 8/4 GB/s Fibre Channel, 1 GB/s as well as 10 GB/s Ethernet, eSATA, FireWire and USB.

If required, multiple SpycerBoxes can be combined into a SpycerBox cluster solution and can then be connected to each other using high-speed SpycerLinks.

Source: BroadcastBuyer