ARRI ARRICUBE Package Expands

The ARRICUBE package expands. ARRI has introduced ARRICUBE Creator software, a versatile new tool that enables flexible customization of the ARRICUBE color management system.

ARRICUBE is a widely and successfully implemented technology that matches colors seen in a digital grading suite to those seen when the same images are projected on film. The concept is based on 3D LUTs (look up tables), which can either be used in our partners' DI grading systems or as part of the ARRILASER image processing path. Previously only standard LUTs have been available and customized versions had to be specially ordered, but the new ARRICUBE Creator software now enables customers to build their own 3D LUTs.

ARRICUBE Creator software allows 3D LUTs to be generated for a DI workflow as well as for a video-to-film workflow. Measured or standardized display settings can be combined with customized or universal film profiles, while the digital display can either be measured directly with an X-RITE Hubble colorimeter or measurements from any other instrument can be imported as text files. The Hubble colorimeter is a cost effective, off-the-shelf solution for monitor and projector measurement, and ARRI equips it with reference calibrations, which makes it accurate enough for the generation of 3D LUTs.

Based on a display profile and a film profile (either universal or customized), the 3D LUTs can be created in a plethora of different formats, supporting virtually any VFX or DI system. The ARRICUBE Creator software also facilitates the display calibration with the Hubble colorimeter. A separate calibration tab shows the status of the digital display and indicates what changes are necessary to reach the target color settings.

ARRICUBE Creator and the Hubble can be purchased separately or as a package, depending on the needs of the client.

Source: BroadcastBuyer