Doremi Technologies - GHX-10-3D

Doremi GHX-10 features HDMI, DVI, and SDI connections that allow the conversion of any input to any output format or scan rate. It supports SD, HD and 2K video and employs high quality 12-bit bicubic interpolation to ensure the highest quality picture. Advanced features include audio, sync output and genlock as well as dual-link SDI and 3Gb/s SDI connections for 4:4:4 2K film. Applications include computer DVI-to-HD-SDI conversion, HDMI or DVI resolution conversion, an HD/SD video upconverter/ downconverter, and much more. There is support for up to eight channels of AES, HDMI and SDI audio, embedded or de-embedded to separate AES BNC connectors, or delayed to match the video.

GHX-10-3D supports the TI DLP TV 3D technology now used in TVs from Samsung and Mitsubishi that display 3D in sequential mode at 120Hz. GHX-10-3D accepts regular 3D input from two HD-SDI links and delivers proprietary TI 3D format on DVI. So a DSV-J2 player playing 3D can be displayed using DLP TV 3D technology.

Source: InterBEE