T-Works Introduces a New Generation 3D Rear Screen

T-Works, manufacturer of next generation screen displays such as two-way screen based on the world’s first photo storage method and high gain screen, announced today that they have launched a new 3-dimensional rear screen named ‘3D-R Screen’.

‘3D-R Screen’ is a type of 3-dimensional- projection display, which is essential for screening and playing 3D contents. T-Works has already developed and produced 3D screens, and the development of this new 3D-R Screen adds a new variety to T-Works’s 3D screen display line up to the consumers.

T-Works' 3D-R Screen

T-Works’s 3D-R Screen has an angle of 260mm ~ 340mm in order to provide the best quality in the 2-layered image lights from the polarized lights film. Also, it uses 2-layered focuses in order to reflect the natural distance and angle of human eyes for superior screening and display. 3D-R Screen is optimized for 3D projectors and digital projectors’ brightness and the angle of reflection, and therefore it provides the ideal screen display for 3D movie presentation and theater presentation.

Instead of using the current spry/injection method, T-Works uses its own unique eco-friendly manufacturing process to build 3D-R Screen in order to provide stronger protection against scratches on screen. Also it produces the screen as a whole in order to prevent formaldehyde from occurring in the production.

Source: BusinessWire