Media Links Unveils MDMax

Billed as a world's first, Media Links' MDMax is a central hub for integrated transport and switching, able to handle all the different types of video, audio and data signals used by modern broadcasters. Designed for large scale operations, MDMax has been developed to combine all the traffic that normally flows over separate cables and networks in a single, high-capacity, reusable backbone that can be extended to reach every corner of a modern broadcast facility or between facilities.

The MDMax central hub provides an extremely large scale - 3.2Tbps, enough for 800 uncompressed HD video signals - completely configurable matrix. Luann Linnebur, director of business development, Media Links, explained: "MDMax allows a single infrastructure to be used for all types of workflows - live video, studio video to tape or server, tape or server to-air, video file transfer, and more. As needs change, this infrastructure can be rapidly reconfigured to meet each new assignment. Once in a common format, each signal will only occupy as much bandwidth as required, allowing multiple signals of different types to flow over a single infrastructure for both in-building and wide-area networks."

The MDMax allows customers to expand and alter their businesses without the need for expensive and time-consuming network infrastructure overhauls. It also provides a flexible infrastructure that can be reconfigured in seconds as transport requirements change. Companies like Fuji TV have already recognised its power. The MDMax works with today's installed technology base while also providing a clear and manageable step-by-step migration path to the future. Its user interface is designed to be familiar to operators on both the broadcast and telecoms side with the MDMax able to hand off to legacy equipment.

It works seamlessly with the full range of existing Media Links encoding/encapsulation and transport systems including the recently-launched MD8000. The switching infrastructure inside the MDMax uses Perfect Non-Blocking Technology (PNT) to ensure that every signal can be routed to every destination, including unlimited multicasting combinations. Each signal to be transported over an MDMax system is first converted to a common format that is compatible with worldwide standards for media and data transport.

"MDMax is designed for broadcast studios that want to cease the never-ending cycle of upgrading their signal infrastructure every time technology advances, particularly those companies that want to prepare for the increasing role of data transport for file transfer, live streaming and all types of media as production workflows evolve. Media Links has deployed its full and extensive expertise to create MDMax and revolutionise the way the broadcast world think about large scale signal transport," says Linnebur.

Source: TVB Europe