IMD Automates Ad Loudness

Commercials distribution company introduces new system in wake of Broadcast Committee on Advertising Practice (BCAP) guidelines. BCAP's new guidelines on sound levels, which come into practice today, urge broadcasters to use a loudness meter to reduce the effect to consumers of excessively loud or strident advertising. In 2007, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received more than 100 complaints from viewers who claimed the adverts were too loud.

Using IMD's automated process, commercials delivered digitally, as files, to broadcasters can have their audio set to bespoke values, including the BCAP recommended specification, automatically eliminating the occurrence of noisy ads.

IMD, which delivers over 50% of all digitally delivered commercials in the UK, has been working with ITV for the last two years on the control of its advertising audio output. This solution is now being rolled out to other broadcasters.

Simon Cox, CEO of IMD commented: "The debate surrounding the loudness of advertising has been a long one and any move toward an industry standard for loudness and a recognition that it is loudness and not simply volume that matters has got to be positive. We have been working on loudness metering with ITV for a long time and have developed a successful system to help broadcasters meet the new guidelines. Our systems will ensure that all advertising delivered by IMD is at the same perceived loudness level which will help viewers to enjoy not only their favourite shows - but also the adverts!"

Source: TVB Europe