ARRI Introduces DCI-Compliant Quality Control Player

For the 2008 IBC Show ARRI presents the first DCI-compliant quality control server for Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). The ARRI Quality Control Player (ARRIQCP) is designed for use in digital cinema content production workflows and offers quality assurance as well as analysis of the digital cinema mastering process.

The quality control element ensures compliance of a digital cinema presentation's picture and sound with the coding, decoding and packaging parameters given by the Digital Cinema Initiatives LLC and SMPTE. The ARRIQCP also performs DCP validation, file-integrity checks and content-analyzing tasks.

Playback controls allow common playback features (such as Play/Reverse, Jog and Shuttle) in various playback modes (2K, 2K Sub-Res-Level from 4K, 3D, Left or Right from 3D). Additionally, playback complies with security requirements defined by Version 1.1 of the Digital Cinema System Specification. The ARRIQCP is the first stand-alone application for the evaluation of DCPs to reach market and, in partnership with CineCert LLC, makes use of the most precise specifications possible.

Availability for the ARRIQCP is scheduled for IBC2008.

Source: broadcastbuyer