File-based Workflows Podcast

In the first in a series of discussion programmes about tapeless production and the world of file-based media, Colin Birch visits Mediacity:UK in Salford, Greater Manchester, the new home of the BBC in the North West of England.

His guests are independent post production consultant Andy Wild, who is currently working for Peel Media on the Mediacity:UK project. Andy's role is to advise on the process of transferring media from a production into the post production environment and building the infrastructure to manage it while it's there. For Andy, tapeless production has its advantages, and it will clearly benefit the industry once it's established. In the meantime, creating interfaces between the cameras and the storage infrastructure is more of an issue than it could be.

Tim Cunningham runs the Manchester office of UK reseller Altered Images, and supplies tapeless production and post production technology to companies who either already have a presence at Mediacity:UK or plan to have one in the not-to-distant future. Right now, the larger equipment manufacturers are helping to plug the gaps Andy points to, and the mass market card and interface manufacturers are sure to catch up.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Dan McGraw is a workflow, digital asset management and content management consultant. He is President of Seven Dials Media. It's interesting to hear Dan's perspective on the Media City phenomenon, as it's something the US market is not familiar with. Los Angeles and New York address quite different markets. Production concentrations described here only really exist within the movie studio system, and perhaps large-scale news organisations.

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Source: The Broader Issue