Digital Cinema Production Gains Valuable New Technology

BroadcastAsia 2008 saw the launch of yet more Sony products with the unveiling of the new HKSR-5804 file transfer option board. Designed to accompany the HDCAM SR SRW-5800 deck, the new HKSR-5804 file transfer option board will dramatically enhance workflow in digital cinema production. To complement this important new launch, Sony also introduced an affordable companion player deck, the SRW-5100 at the event.

Sony HKSR-5804

To enrich digital cinema production with highly advanced network capabilities, the optional HKSR-5804 board introduces a new network-based workflow to the DI (Digital Intermediate) domain, thus achieving significantly higher levels of efficiency. By using the new board and SRW-5800 deck, users can now enjoy a wide variety of powerful functions, such as DPX file conversion to and from the HDCAM-SR HD video format, as well as 2K (2048 x 1556)/4K (4096 x 3112) uncompressed data recording. Giga-bit Ethernet is also supported, allowing the rapid transfer of even large files. Moreover, because all major operating systems are supported – including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh – users can gain full control with just a standard Internet browser.

SRW-5100: The ideal companion for studio operations
The newest addition to the HDCAM SR family is the SRW-5100 model. It has 880Mbps “playback-only” capability, which includes 4:2:2 1080 50P/60P, 4:4:4 1080 HQ and Dual-Stream modes. With 2x high-speed feed is also supported, the new deck is ideal for on-set dubbing, screening, ingesting, or outputting HDV content for off-line applications. Playback compatibility with the HDCAM and Digital Betacam formats is also available through option boards.

Cutting-edge tape technology
Sony’s full line of BCT-SR Series HDCAM SR digital videocassettes is designed to fully maximize the benefits of 4:4:4 RGB recording technology. Using Sony’s most advanced metal tape technology, these digital videocassettes enable the faithful capture and reproduction of HD image quality. HDCAM SR recording media uses ultrafine high performance metal particles 50 percent smaller than those in Sony’s HDCAM tape. Applied in a micro-thin magnetic coating, these particles enable wavelength recordings to 0.29mm, with up to +7dB higher output than traditional HDCAM tape.

The HKSR-5804 option board will be available in October 2008, while the SRW-5100 deck will be available early next year at a suggested list price to be determined.

Source: Digital Cinema Buyers Guide