Barco Demonstrates All of Today’s Digital Cinema Potential at Cinema Expo

This year’s Cinema Expo features the world premiere of the DP-1200, Barco’s newest digital cinema projector, custom made for the small venue market. Built on the renowned technology of the Barco DP family, the DP-1200 is designed for screens up to 12m (40ft) wide and is ideal for applications that could not find a place for digital cinema before. Thanks to the DP-1200 even the smallest cinemas now have access to digital cinema, at an affordable price.

Using the same 0.98 inch DLP Cinema chip from Texas Instruments, the DP-1200 builds further on the success of the DP1500 and DP2000 platform. Barco paid particular attention to further optimizing the operating cost, by making low wattage 2kW and 1.2kW lamps available for use in the DP1200. In addition, the DP-1200 incorporates all the traditional Barco benefits such as a modular design, a motorized single lens solution, optimal protection of the optics and a low ventilation requirement. The communicator software and SNMP agent provides the customer with an easy key to operate their digital cinema projector.

At Cinema Expo, Barco introduces an integrated solution based on Dolby’s spectral modulation of light. The DP1500 and DP2000 projectors can be provided with a factory-built-in Dolby 3D solution. Barco’s DP 2000 3D solution is an integrated solution, meaning that the filter controller - an external box in the standard Dolby solution – is no longer required. With a 96mm wheel for DP1500 and DP2000 and a 125mm wheel for DP3000, the digital cinema projectors offer sublime 3D reproduction on screen. The single projector set-up can play all movies using the Dolby technology and can handle screens up to approximately 12m.

Barco’s 3D solutions are compatible with all 3D technologies available in the market today. To further develop and improve 3D solutions for the future, Barco works closely together with: REAL-D, Dolby, MasterImage and ExpanD.

In Amsterdam, Barco also presents the company’s new DualPolar 3D solution, based on the polarization of light. This technology, as used by Real D, requires the cinema’s to have a silver screen. The DualPolar 3D can be used for screens up to 20m and consists of an easy to mount framework to stack the DP2000 and DP1500. Barco’s DualPolar 3D solution is the easiest and cheapest stacking solution in the industry.

Source: DCinemaToday