Thomson to Showcase Advanced Research Demonstrations at NAB 2008

During the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show Thomson has showcased cutting-edge technology that facilitates digital content work flows developed by its Corporate Research.

It will present innovative demonstrations of eight advanced research projects, as well as two papers regarding enhanced television applications. The following demonstrations have never been seen before:

Advanced Video Coding (AVC) Transcoding with Reframing Technology - adapts AVC video streams to network heterogeneity and end-device capabilities. Using Automatic Reframing Technology (cropping and zooming) on Region-of-Interest points, this implementation simplifies the traditional workflow in real-time and with minimal delay.

AVC Professional Decoder - state-of-the-art video compression technology that is custom designed specifically to support a wide range of video formats that are used in various video applications. With the ability to use AVC/H.264 compression technology throughout the entire content acquisition, creation, production, and delivery chain, its coherent video compression structure can be used for all color sampling formats.

Object Highlighting for Mobile Applications - preserves small but important objects in low bit-rate mobile videos by conducting object localization, visual enhancement and object-aware encoding. This H.264-compliant technology targets both fully automatic and user-assisted operations. Objects are detected, tracked, and then modified (enlarged, colorized, lightened, etc.) to enhance the user experience.

P2P Live Streaming - peer-to-peer based tool that permits the user to broadcast high quality video over the Internet. This low cost, scalable IPTV solution ensures high streaming rates and high video quality with minimal user-perceived streaming delay.

Real-Time Audio Video (AV) Transmission – more than 10 GB-Ethernet is the next generation reliable digital interface for HD broadcast and digital cinematography, providing multi-gigabit data rates over long distances. This technology consolidates AV, metadata and device control on a single line in 4K, 2K and HD formats.

2K/4K Real-Time Streaming via Wide Area Network (WAN) - data transfer protocol that outperforms conventional solutions and is fully backwards compatible with an existing IP network infrastructure. This real-time protocol for AV transmission over 10G+ networks allows end-to-end management of QoS connection parameters, auto-configuration and “one-click” transmission.

Next Generation Home Gateway - creates Nano Data Centers and transforms Home Gateways from Triple-Play devices to N-Play, or any given number, devices. This robust technology isolates a service without impacting other users. In turn, users are allowed to access content stored on devices within the same geographical area, using optimized Peer-to-Peer algorithms.

Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC) Technologies for Robust Streaming (H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and StaggerCast) - improves the robustness of A/V streaming over mobile channels. SVC is a scalable stream built on top of a H.264 AVC compliant base layer that addresses terminal diversity efficiently while reducing the bit-rate for simulcast by 10-30%. StaggerCast technology is demonstrated when a terminal device receives original and redundant streams from a transmitter, and then uses the redundant stream to correct possible data lost in the original stream without adding to the channel change delay.

Source: BroadcastBuyer