intoPIX announces a real-time JPEG 2000 4K Encoder

intoPIX, the leading JPEG 2000 solution provider, is promoting its new real-time JPEG 2000 hardware encoder IP for 4K Digital Cinema at ShoWest 2008.

Now extending its activities into Post Production intoPIX created a new 4K JPEG 2000 Encoder, the IPX-JP4K-E, with its established IPX-JP4K-D Decoder as a complete JPEG 2000 2K and 4K compression and decompression solution.

Encoding 4K in real-time and processing 2K images at up to 96 frames per second, the intoPIX range now brings JPEG 2000 scalable coding, lossless and high compression quality benefits exceeding DCI standards to the complete Digital Cinema production and Post-Production chain.

In common with the intoPIX decoder range, the new IPX-JP4K codec family is also based on a single, cost effective, FPGA.

Source: DCinemaToday