European Digital Cinema Security Whitebook is Online

This book results from the work of the Enhanced Digital Cinema (EDcine) project established by the European Commission in the context of the Networked Audio Visual line of the 6th framework of IST (Information Society and Technology). The world of digital cinema has been led by Hollywood initiatives. The Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) is under standardisation by a subgroup of the Society of Moving Pictures and Television Engineers, namely the DC28. EDcine was launched in this environment to maintain the European industrial leading edge in the field and to develop new tools and best practices beyond the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). Economic, cultural and technical aspects are more complex in Europe. There is a clear need to go beyond DCI. In its initial functional analysis, EDcine included end-user groups, such as small production studios, local post-production
facilities, small and big distribution networks from large multiplexes to small arthouse cinemas, and cinema archives. It was then deemed necessary to settle the key digital cinema security questions in a “White Book”.

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