SPECTRONIQ 3-D Introduces Pioneering 3-D HD LCD TVs

"Southern California-based consumer electronics innovator SPECTRONIQ 3-D will unveil its inaugural stereoscopic 3-D HD LCD TVs in Las Vegas as the focal point of the company's presentation during CES, January 7-10. Already a leader in the realm of high-end HD LCD televisions, SPECTRONIQ 3-D is ramping up for a groundbreaking summer 2008 nationwide retail launch for the 46" 3-D TVs under the SPECTRONIQ brand, the first mass market consumer roll-out of its kind.

At the vanguard of setting a new industry standard for the coming 3-D revolution in digital media, entertainment and gaming, SPECTRONIQ's 3-D HD LCD TVs deliver an immersive and riveting sensory experience. Visual elements appear to break through the screen's boundaries and the technology allows for a spacious 3-D viewing zone. Proprietary in both its methodology of combining diverse cutting-edge technologies -- universally compatible with all current 3-D formats -- and with its intuitive user interface applications, SPECTRONIQ 3-D has created a user-friendly product unprecedented in the marketplace.

SPECTRONIQ 3-D's CEO Leo Chen commented, "The impact of 3-D on consumer electronics is going to be the biggest paradigm shift in decades. It is an extraordinary feeling to be on the brink of introducing this technology and making it available and affordable, to home audiences for the very first time."

The sets were developed through a landmark alliance between SPECTRONIQ 3-D and Kerner Optical Research & Development ("KORD"), whose end-to-end 3-D Solutions form the SPECTRONIQ 3-D TV's primary technology suite. KORD is a spin-off of Kerner Optical, LLC, the former physical effects division of Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm Company. SPECTRONIQ 3- D's sophisticated consumer electronics design, production, distribution, and sales chain, together with KORD's brilliance as a disruptive technology incubator, positions both to lead the way in bringing breakthrough 3-D display technology and original content to the masses.

Based in Northern California on the historic former ILM campus, KORD's core team includes members of George Lucas' ILM start-up brain trust as well as noted stereoscopic 3-D experts. In addition to 3-D display technology, KORD and its affiliates have also developed an unparalleled 3-D camera rig where SPECTRONIQ 3-D is further collaborating with them on the development of exclusive content.

SPECTRONIQ 3-D has also announced other key strategic partners whose technologies are intrinsic to the viewing experience provided by their 3-D HD LCD TVs:

- An agreement was reached with SENSIO Technologies to incorporate the Montreal-based company's 3D high definition decoder technology featuring JVC's real time 2D to 3D conversion technology, into KORD's 3-D Solutions suite. This will be the first time it will be integrated into a television intended for the consumer market. SENSIO technology provides quality 3D technology with full resolution and colors.

- Technology firm RaisingSun Digital Video Technology Company is providing board systems solutions for the SPECTRONIQ 3-D television sets.

- It is expected that other key partnerships will be made public in the near future.

In addition to 3-D HD LCD TVs, SPECTRONIQ 3-D products in development also include a 3-D home theater PC for gaming and a laser HD television."

Source: Reuters