Samsung Debuts the First 3D Ready Flat-Panel HDTV with its 2008 Entry-Level Plasma HDTV Line-up

"Samsung Electronics will unveil its groundbreaking new line-up of plasma HDTVs at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. Taking a cue from the technology created for its DLP HDTVs, Samsung has developed the first 3D-ready, flat-panel HDTVs on the market with the Series 4 plasma HDTV. Engineered to be both adaptable and affordable, the entry-level Series 4 and Series 5 are the perfect choice for consumers looking to enter the plasma space with a cost-effective, flat-panel HDTV that can do it all.

Series 4 Entertainment Plasma HDTV
The Series 4 utilizes technologies and innovations previously available only in 3D-enabled DLP HDTVs to deliver the superb picture quality of a flat panel TV with enhanced 3D features. The Series 4 is using an advanced software algorithm to eliminate dither noise and false contour lines to reproduce clear images, including fast moving action scenes. The Series 4’s multimedia compatibility via 3 HDMI, and sophisticated picture and sound optimization tools makes it ideal for gamers and movie buffs alike.

The Series 4 Plasma HDTV will be available in March in both 42-inches and 50-inches model sizes (Model numbers PN42A450P and PN50A450P).

Series 5 Plasma HDTV
The Full HD (1080p) Series 5 sets a new standard for plasma televisions. Utilizing the same cutting-edge technology employed in the Series 4, it allows users to have optimized picture and sound quality via a variety of preset modes. It also takes picture quality one step further by employing a single-scan system. This system makes it possible for the unit to have only one driving board, as opposed to the usual two. The result is enhanced performance at a more simplified structure.

The Series 5 plasma HDTV will be available in March in both 50-inches and 58-inches (Model numbers PN50A550P and PN58A550P)."

Source: Yahoo Finance