Gracenote & Philips Partner to Offer most Advanced Audio & Video Fingerprinting Technology

"Gracenote and Philips have deepened their existing relationship by combining their respective content fingerprinting technologies to provide extremely advanced solutions for video and audio content filtering and monetization.

The technology partnership combines Philips’ video fingerprinting and Gracenote’s audio fingerprinting technologies, and results in a comprehensive and viable system for content owners and service providers looking to control the use of and monetize copyrighted content across multiple platforms.

The expanded relationship between Gracenote and Philips deepens the ongoing partnership between the two companies started in 2004, whereby Philips audio fingerprinting technology was successfully joined with Gracenote’s global database and network services to create today’s largest and most comprehensive audio fingerprinting solutions deployed around the world. Examples currently in the market include Sony Ericsson’s TrackID service for mobile consumers, Nielsen’s Broadcast Data Service music monitoring solution, and Snocap’s digital music licensing and copyright management platform."