SmartJog Unveils the 1st Database of Digital Cinema Server Certificates for the French Exhibition Market

"During the 62nd Convention of the FNCF (National Federation of French Theater Owners), taking place from October 2nd to the 4th in Deauville, France, SmartJog, the global leader in secure digital delivery of media, plans to announce the first operational certificate database and device registry for digital cinema servers installed in France. Intended for distributors and laboratories, the database objective is to facilitate the generation of valid Key Delivery Messages (used for decrypting) to the theaters.

SmartJog’s secure website, which is widely used by technical and entertainment industries, will store the information and be the main point of access to the database. The SmartJog service complies with strict security standards while enabling optimum accessibility to the service.

French installers, who manage the equipment in projection rooms, will be able to directly update the database, as well as theater owners. With majority of the installers already agreeing to take part in the initiative, the database information will always come from valid sources.

SmartJog and these installers are thus planning to make the information in the database available to all accredited professional users, according to the following principles:

- The certificate database is intended to be universal, and is designed to gather all certificates for digital equipment in French cinemas. Access to, and referencing in, this database does not require a connection to the SmartJog electronic delivery network.

- Unrestricted free-of-charge access for all distributors, operators, laboratories, KDM generation centres, service providers who work in the duplication and transport of digital copies, equipment manufacturers, federations and institutions.

- On-line updates (with secure access and electronic signature) to be carried out by installers authorized by the theater owners concerned, or directly by the theater owners.

Due to the importance of neutrality, the CNC (National Center for Cinematography) has been asked to participate in establishing the rules for using this database. SmartJog wishes to develop this service with the gradual introduction of new features, to be validated by both the CNC and professional bodies in order to meet the profession's needs as fully as possible."

Source: DCinemaToday