DTS Digital Cinema Announces Implementation of Philips Cinefence Forensic Watermarking on Filmstore Digital Cinema Player

"DTS Digital Cinema today announced that it has implemented the Philips CineFence forensic watermarking technology on its FilmStore Digital Cinema Player as part of its commitment to continue providing solutions that support DCI specifications for digital cinema.

DTS-DC has implemented CineFence technology in line with its singular focus on supporting all elements of the motion picture industry’s transition to digital cinema. The FilmStore Digital Cinema Player, into which the technology has been integrated, is part of the FilmStore Content Management System, an innovative and comprehensive suite of products and software that have been engineered to support the build-out and operation of an industry-wide digital cinema infrastructure.

Philips CineFence forensic watermarking is a technology designed especially for the digital cinema environment to support increased measures to protect content that is delivered in a digital format."

Source: DCinemaToday