Qube XP-D Digital Cinema Server now Equipped with Stereoscopic Playback Capability

"Qube Cinema announced today that the Qube XP-D Digital Cinema Server is now available with 3D playback capability. This feature has been implemented in compliance with the DCI specification and draft SMPTE standards and works with single stereoscopic 48 fps Track Files.

The Qube XP-D is equipped with two independent dual-link HDSDI (2 x SMPTE 292M) outputs and has the capability to output 12-bit 24 fps 4:4:4 images to two different projectors or 48 fps images to a single projector in 4:2:2 mode.

The Qube system has the capability to work with multiple 3D technologies including active shutter glasses and the Z-Screen for single projectors and fixed polarizing filters on dual projectors.

Qube Cinema's end-to-end solutions for digital cinema provide the ultimate combination of quality, reliability, ease-of-use, security and flexibility. Designed from the ground up to operate in mission-critical applications, the architecture of the Qube product family has been conceived with the future in mind and provides an integrated workflow, from mastering to distribution, playback to reporting and archiving. Being almost entirely software based allows the Qube system to leverage developments in the computer industry and bring to the market format independent, powerful and flexible products."

Source: DCinemaToday