Access IT Teamed with International Datacasting and Sensio Technologies Introduces Live 2-D and 3-D Event Satellite Streaming Through CineLive

"Access Integrated Technologies ("AccessIT") announced today CineLive, a new proprietary product that will bring both 2-D and 3-D live content to movie theatres equipped with digital cinema. CineLive, the next step in leveraging the digital era to further enhance exhibition offerings, is a new set of hardware, developed exclusively for AccessIT by International Datacasting Corporation and Sensio Technologies which allows live 3-D and 2-D content to be converted from satellite feeds into theatrical entertainment.

“AccessIT continues to develop innovative products and services that will provide more benefits for exhibitors and distributors in the new digital cinema era,” said Chuck Goldwater, President of AccessIT’s Media Services Group. “With CineLive, we are taking another step to enhance the rapidly growing world of digital cinema installations with technology that increases their programming opportunities. This technology team represents the “best of breed” in the industry. IDC has been our satellite distribution technology provider for many years and we believe is the market leader in enterprise class multicasting systems. Sensio has the best available 3D technology that we have been able to find on the market. Combined with our AccessIT technology and digital cinema market penetration we believe our team is second to none.”

“The advent of CineLive enables The Bigger Picture to offer exhibition a much wider range of alternative entertainment,” said Jonathan Dern Co-President of The Bigger Picture, AccessIT’s alternative content distribution division. “The combination of AccessIT’s cutting edge technology and The Bigger Picture’s programming continues to deliver a digital cinema experience unmatched in the industry.”

The CineLive equipment will enhance both existing and future AccessIT satellite installations. CineLive combines IDC’s SuperFlex broadband satellite technology with the Sensio 3D Cinema Decoder technology to create an advanced integrated solution that will do both reliable movie file distribution as well as 2D and 3D live streaming delivery.

The core technology of the two companies combined in the CineLive product represent a potential competitive advantage for AccessIT:

- The Sensio 3D Cinema Decoder technology allows playback of broadcast and prerecorded stereoscopic (3D) content, up to 1080p 60fps, using the standard 2D video distribution infrastructure and being compatible with all types of digital projection systems available on the market.

- IDC’s SuperFlex technology provides the latest in DVB-S2 broadband IP transmission needed to achieve the maximum possible throughput on satellite, essential for timely and secure delivery of JPEG2000 movie files and also for the highest quality HD delivery for live performances. The SuperFlex product includes IDC’s HDTV hardware decoder card which provides the high speed digital HD-SDI output needed by the Sensio 3D Cinema Decoder.

Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO of Sensio commented: “We are very pleased to be providing this technology to AccessIT through our strategic alliance with IDC. By collaborating with these industry leaders, we have created a unique product that further enhances the viewing experience, and achieves our objective of a 3D immersive experience. With CineLive, theaters will have more opportunities to add to their programming by showing alternative 3D content such as concerts or sporting events.”

“This agreement is very timely and we are delighted to be working with the AccessIT and Sensio teams to provide this unique integrated solution to the market,” added Ron Clifton, President and CEO of IDC. “The Sensio technology builds on our new Pro Video HDTV capability to provide considerable extra value to our end-to-end broadband satellite delivery solution. With AccessIT leading our team, CineLive represents an exciting and significant step forward in the evolution of digital cinema."

Source: DCinemaToday