MotionDSP designs software that dramatically improves video from a range of sources, including mobile phones, digital cameras, and security cameras. The company offers its multi-frame video enhancement in software products for video forensics, and a scalable web service for carriers and social networking sites which can process tens of thousands of user-generated videos per day.

MotionDSP's patent-pending software decodes a video file, extracts as much information as it can from each video frame, then re-constructs a new video which combines all that information. The result is a video that is higher-resolution, shows more detail and has much less video noise and artifacts than the original source.

Ikena Copyright
MotionDSP also launched Ikena Copyright, a copyright detection technology that matches content solely on the video content. Ikena Copyright is a pure video technology; it does not rely on audio fingerprinting in any fashion. Ikena Copyright uses patent-pending video intelligence algorithms (which are based on MotionDSP's core video enhancement technology) to generate signatures for any video file.

Ikena Copyright's video signature system stands up to many 'attacks' such as :
- Editing: it can identify clips as small as 20 seconds.
- Low-bitrate compression: it can identify clips that have been re-encoded (i.e.: from their native format to Adobe Flash internet video).
- Aspect ratio change: 16:9 content compressed into a 4:3 display, or 4:3 stretched to 16:9.
- Cropping: cropping the sides of a video.
- Video quality change: Ikena Copyright can identify videos which have been converted to B+W, or had their color distorted.

Ikena Copyright has been designed to scale to a very large database of content, operating on a high volume of matching (i.e.: a database of thousands of hours of copyrighted video, matching tens of thousands of uploaded videos per day).