intoPIX has announced a Multi-Stream JPEG 2000 CODEC for Broadcast

"intoPIX, the leading provider of FPGA JPEG 2000 decoding and AES encryption IP cores for Digital Cinema, has signaled the evolution of its business into Broadcast with the announcement of ultra dense, multi-stream, JPEG 2000 encoder and decoder cores at IBC 2007.

Since introducing a high performance single chip decoder in 2005 that easily exceeded Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) requirements intoPIX has quickly established itself as the leading provider of JPEG 2000 technology in Digital Cinema Exhibition and Post Production.

Building on this achievement intoPIX has now announced a highly cost effective encoder, the IPX-JPHD-E, available separately or, in combination with its IPX-JPHD-D decoder as a JPEG 2000 codec.

Optimized to meet the specific requirements of Acquisition, Storage and Contribution the principle benefits of the intoPIX IPX-JPHD encoder are the cost effectiveness and quality of its powerful FPGA implementation. Based on the Xilinx FPGA platform the new intoPIX cores benefit from the company’s decision to migrate to Virtex-5 TM technology during 2007, and so provide even greater cost and performance advantages.

Combining the highest image quality with exceptional performance key features of the IPX-JPHD IP’s include variable compression ratios - up to lossless at up to 120fps at HD resolution - and simultaneous processing of up to 4 HD content streams. In addition the powerful Virtex-5 implementation also enables the direct I/0 of any combination of up to four HD-SDI, ASI, Gigabit Ethernet or PCI Express interfaces."

Source: Broadcast Equipment Guide