DCI Announces Completion of its Compliance Test Plan for Digital Cinema Validation and Compliance Testing

"Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) announced today the completion and availability of the DCI Compliance Test Plan (CTP). Six months ago, DCI engaged CineCert to finalize the CTP, which includes validated test procedures for the DCI Specification, version 1.1, including all referenced SMPTE standards. It details test procedures appropriate for each class of digital cinema device, such as projectors, servers, and media blocks.

With the availability of the CTP, DCI continues to promote its Digital Cinema System Specification, which sets forth the technical specifications developed by the six DCI member studios and serves as a guide to manufacturers, system integrators, exhibitors, and other stakeholders for digital cinema standardization, interoperability and quality.

DCI is considering several entities that have expressed interest in becoming licensed facilities to perform the tests detailed by the Compliance Test Plan. A selection process is underway, and testing entities are expected to be named in the near future."

Source: Digital Cinema Initiatives