Cineworld Group Signs Deal with Real D to Revolutionise the Cinema Experience by Bringing 3D to its Customers

"Cineworld Group plc, which has the largest portfolio of digital screens of any cinema operator in the UK, has signed a deal with Real D to bring 3D to its customers. Real D is the world leader in 3D technology.

The deal will see Cineworld introduce 3D projection into its digital cinema portfolio to create the largest 3D estate in the UK. Real D 3D systems will initially be installed into 30 of Cineworld's 72 digital auditoria and the roll-out will coincide with the release of Beowulf on 16 November 2007. The deal will see Cineworld continue to add Real D systems to bring the most advanced 3D experience to its moviegoers as Cineworld finalises its deals with studios on
the business terms of digital deployment.

Steve Wiener, CEO of Cineworld Group plc, said, "This is a significant deal for Cineworld and one which will revolutionise the cinema experience for our moviegoers across the country. We could see as many as 100 Real D screens once our digital platform is in place." Wiener added, "The impact of 3D on the film industry can be compared to the move from black and white to colour. After reviewing all of the latest technologies in the market we are delighted to be partnering with Real D in spearheading the UK's move to 3D. "

DreamWorks Animation SKG announced its intention to produce all of its films in 3D starting in 2009. Visionary filmmakers including Robert Zemeckis, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson have embraced 3D as a natural enhancement to their cinematic storytelling. In addition, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, announced his intention to remaster the original Star Wars movies in digital 3D, although no date has been set at this stage."

Source: Digital Cinema Buyers Guide