Algolith First to Ship Reprogrammable HD and SD Video Noise Reduction Cards

"Algolith, a leading provider of advanced video image processing solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the new Algogear high-definition and standard-definition video noise reduction (VNR) cards. The VNR cards, first introduced at NAB2007, represent the first in a series of Algogear products, a new line offering reprogrammable core-based solutions incorporating Algolith’s acclaimed Intellectual Properties portfolio. The cards are the first on the market to provide broadcasters, IPTV service providers and cable companies with reprogrammable cores, allowing them the flexibility to repurpose the cards’ functionality over time.

The VNR-1000-HD and VNR-1000-SD Noise Reduction Cards harness Algolith’s Noise Reduction suite of technologies to dramatically increase picture quality and reduce bandwidth requirements for delivering content to cable, satellite, and terrestrial networks, as well as IPTV delivery platforms. They comprise the first two Algogear products, which are designed to employ the latest in Algolith’s growing battery of video processing products.

Increased bandwidth through more efficient compression of video content
Used as a pre-processor to the encoder, the Algolith VNR cards enable video content to be compressed more efficiently, allowing the broadcaster the choice of delivering higher-quality images to consumers and/or to use the resulting increased bandwidth to deliver extra video channels which results in higher revenue for the operator.

Superior image quality
When used as a post-processor, the new cards will correct any DCT-based (Discrete Cosine Transform) compression noise and artifacts, providing the consumer yet again with a higher quality image—particularly important in today’s market where 42”+ screens are becoming the norm in households.

Simultaneous discrete multiple channel processing reduces cost per channel
Algogear is the only product to offer simultaneous discrete multiple channel processing thereby reducing the cost per channel for operators. The VNR-1000-HD Dual Video Noise Reduction Card allows for two independent channels to be processed at the same time and the VNR-1000-SD Quad Video Noise Reduction Card allows for four independent channels to be processed at the same time. This allows operators to hold more channels in one frame, saving up to four times the rack space which provides a much more cost-effective solution than what is available on the market today. This is particularly important for operators who want to save costs by optimizing their rack space, and for example, mobile broadcasters with both limited physical space and bandwidth.

Pricing and Availability
The Algogear VNR-1000-HD and VNR-1000-SD high-definition and standard-definition Video Noise Reduction cards are available immediately at $9,995 U.S."

Source: BroadcastEngineering