3D Comes to the Desktop with Panoram's Circular Polarized, Passive Stereoscopic HD LCD Display

"Panoram Technologies, a leading provider and integrator of visualization technologies, announced the release of its PSP 2400, a breakthrough high definition 24 inch LCD monitor that provides a passive stereo, 3D solutions for the desktop.

The circular polarized, passive stereoscopic, LCD panel is designed for high-end desktop applications at a fraction of the cost of 3D projection systems. While "Auto-Stereoscopic" displays are good for consumer 3D visioning applications like point of purchase displays, commercial visualization applications require high definition 3D imaging without having to keep your head in a very specific place.

The PSP 2400 LCD monitor features 1920 x 1200 mono and combined eye resolution at a 0.27 mm dot pitch within a rugged aluminum construction. The circular polarization enables an extremely wide field of view, as well as accommodating head tilting when viewing images. This technology eliminates the need for users to move their head to find the "sweet spot" required from most auto stereoscopic (no glasses) 3D monitors; meaning, with the PSP 2400, one can stand back, sit close, or have more than one viewer for a more collaborative environment.

The elegantly designed and easy to use PSP 2400 LCD monitor is a "Plug-And-Play" solution for most applications adapting automatically to high-end graphics cards from companies like NVIDIA. The form factor offers a small footprint allowing for easy integration with multiple display setups. It accepts many stereo formats including Frame Sequential, Side-Field, Sub-Field, and Interlaced. In addition, desktop users can instantly switch between standard 2D and 3D stereoscopic display modes with a simple ON and OFF at the press of a button, making the display a perfect second monitor for general applications as well.

The basic configuration of the PSP 2400 is designed for a one or two user environment as a desktop monitor. There is also a second configuration available for one to three user environments with an optional VESA mounting plate allowing the display to be mounted on a wall or tradeshow stand.

Four types of comparatively low cost passive stereo glasses are available, all light weight and durable at the size and weight of regular sunglasses. These include theme park style glasses with fixed template, upgraded aviator style glasses with a hinge frame, wrap around glasses, and flip up clip-ons to put over existing corrective lenses.

At an MSRP of $4,995, the PSP 2400 is a fraction of the cost of a 3D projection system, and it works with low cost passive stereo glasses (compared to active stereo glasses for CRT solutions that cost over $700 each pair)."

Source: Stereoscopy