Telestream Pipeline Network-Accessible Encoder Now Available

"Telestream has announced availability of Pipeline, the company's new network-accessible single-channel hardware encoding product.

Pipeline is an industry-first bi-directional encoding and playout device that provides SDI ingest into Telestream's FlipFactory and Episode applications as well as 3rd party products, including Apple's Final Cut Pro. The encoder is accessible to multiple users over the network, providing a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional PC capture card solutions.

A single Pipeline device provides user-selectable real-time, frame-accurate video encoding to multiple formats, including DV25, IMX 30/40/50 and MPEG-2 I-frame (PAL & NTSC). Shared network access and RS-422 deck control enable access to the tape deck by multiple users. Pipeline is software-upgradeable to easily add new features and formats as they become available from Telestream.

Pipeline provides more flexibility than conventional video capture solutions. For Final Cut users, Pipeline intelligently detects and delivers formats required by the project bin. Plus, external rendering frees up the editing workstation for other tasks. Integration with Telestream products provides a fast, efficient means to capture and ingest media from tape or live sources. Transcoding into proxy or other formats happens simultaneously during the encode process, greatly improving overall workflow throughput.

Pipeline applications include batch ingest from an EDL file which allows users to encode multiple clips from a single tape. It streamlines digitization of tape for ingest into archives, online libraries and digital asset management workflows. Since Pipeline is bi-directional, it can also be used to print clips to tape for sharing with clients and colleagues. A complete Software Development Kit (SDK) provides easy integration with 3rd party products and destination applications.

Telestream's shared network resource approach provides significant advantages over capture card solutions. Pipeline eliminates operating system and driver incompatibilities as well as host processor bottlenecks. It also removes the need to use an expensive broadcast server channel to ingest media into file-based workflows."

Source: BroadcastBuyer