Snell & Wilcox to Launch Alchemist IP Software-Based Standards Converter

"Snell & Wilcox has released its Alchemist IP file-based frame-rate standards conversion software, which runs on standard PC infrastructure hardware, allowing content owners and producers to take advantage of sophisticated standards conversion as part of a file-based workflow.

The Alchemist IP uses similar algorithmic expertise that has allowed Snell & Wilcox's leading frame-rate standards conversion products to set the bar for quality and performance. Offering a radically improved approach to file-based international program exchange, the Alchemist IP delivers transparent conversion of file-based video, audio, and metadata between the 625/50 (PAL) and 525/60 (NTSC) video standards, and vice versa.

Using off the shelf PC hardware, users can leverage Ph.C motion compensated conversion within the file-based domain to produce clear and crisp outputs from a wide range of video input material. Without the need to decode to baseband, convert media through a hardware-based system, and re-ingest it once again, users can dramatically reduce the time and cost required to deliver top-quality content in the appropriate broadcast standard.

Alchemist IP is a true plug-and-play system, requiring little user setup and providing simple drag-and-drop or automated operation enabling rapid integration into file-based workflow processes. Because this conversion system runs on standard IT hardware, it offers post-production and duplication facilities a low cost of entry into high-end standards conversion, and a valuable tool for the shift toward fully file-based operations.

For those users requiring more comprehensive conversion and processing capabilities, Alchemist IP is also available as an option within the iCR content repurposing platform."

Source: BroadcastBuyer