Reuters Uses Viewdle to Recognise Faces in Video Search

"Reuters is using facial recognition to provide real-time indexing and searching of satellite television feeds. The news agency is demonstrating systems supplied by Viewdle, a start-up company that specialises in visual search. The technology is showcased on the Reuters labs web site.

The system looks inside the video stream, frame by frame, to find appearances of previously identified people on screen. It allows users to locate relevant footage and instantly cue to the right point.

Based in New York City, with offices in Kiev, Ukraine and London, Viewdle is building the world’s largest people-in-video reference database. The Viewdle engine is capable of simultaneously indexing multiple video streams. Initially focused on providing internal and private-label indexing and search capabilities to news and entertainment media, Viewdle is expected to launch targeted advertising solutions, developer tools, as well as a consumer-facing search site."

Source: Informitv