Harmonic Introduces Rhozet Carbon Coder 3.0 Transcoding Solution at IBC

"Harmonic has introduced Rhozet Carbon Coder 3.0, the latest version of its universal video transcoding solution.

This new version of Carbon Coder features distributed transcoding across multiple machines, new Adobe Flash and VC-1 format support, server failover for fault-tolerant performance, and an automated quality assurance (QA) module to ensure the highest quality video output.

Carbon Coder's new multi-machine transcoding capability tackles the increasing demands of video transcoding by allowing a single transcoding job to be distributed over multiple computers in a transcoding farm. This feature is especially useful for processor intensive formats such as Flash, VC-1, and MPEG-2. Long transcoding tasks are split into segments which are distributed to multiple machines for processing and then spliced together to create the final output. This greatly accelerates the process of, for example, creating very high-quality VC-1 content for high-definition optical discs. Even on a single computer, transcoding tasks are accelerated by running across multiple CPU cores.

In addition to speeding up the transcoding workflow, Rhozet has also implemented fault tolerance and quality assurance features to increase reliability. Carbon Server's fault tolerance feature allows multiple Carbon Servers to manage the same farm in a redundant configuration. If one machine goes down, another is automatically assigned to take over control with no loss of information or transcoding time. Carbon Coder's new quality assurance module helps identify possible problems in encoded material and flag them for analysis. This can greatly reduce the amount of human interaction with transcoded output, thereby saving substantial time and money."

Source: BroadcastBuyer