BT & Signiant Power Digital Media Workflow

"Signiant has announced a groundbreaking agreement with BT’s Media and Broadcast division that will transform the way content is managed, processed and distributed globally.

By combining BT’s networked workflow, media processing and content management technology with Signiant’s widely deployed Digital Media Distribution Management Suite (DMDMS), customers can now dramatically speed the processing, management and distribution of their media files around the world and throughout their supply chain. BT will initially be using the software to speed the process of capturing video files from rights owners into its content processing platform for IPTV. BT will also offer Signiant technology to its customers as a core component of their media workflow and digital media service framework.

Signiant’s technology will manage the movement of file-based content throughout BT’s digital media network and beyond, ensuring that the right content gets to the right place at the right time. The combined capabilities from BT and Signiant will ensure secure, accelerated delivery across the digital media supply chain, supporting customers workflow from ingest to distribution. In addition, it is the only solution able to integrate four critical capabilities: centralized distribution management, accelerated transfers, automation of repetitive workflows and enterprise level security.

The acceleration technology in DMDMS enables the fast and efficient transport of large files globally. By combining BT’s media workflow management and Signiant’s distribution management technology, the solution greatly reduces the man power associated with coordinating many files across multiple locations, processes and time critical deadlines. The BT and Signiant solution offers unique control that is critical in making the transition to file based work flows."

Source: BroadcastBuyer