DVS Upgrades 4K to 60p

"With the development of a 4K 60p player, DVS opens up new possibilities in digital cinema. Instead of the customary 24p or 30p, the new DVS player Cine4K achieves up to 60 progressive frames per second. 60p for 4K can thus be displayed at a resolution of 3820 x 2160, which is four times the resolution of HD.

Beyond the usual industry standards, DVS is capable of fulfilling the extreme requirements of presenting 4K material in 60p at full resolution.

Cine4K is the optimal feeder for high-end 4K projectors. The data-intensive presentation is ideal for large projectors or for digital cinema. The new DVS player is multi-device capable - that is, more than one of these systems can be linked together to fill very large screens or to create 3D projections in 4K.

With the frame rate of 60p, motion in film is lifelike, fluid and optimally presented, such as for so-called “motion rides”. In them, viewers can perceive not only perspective, but also depth in movement.

It is also possible to use Cine4K to create a stereo effect, e.g. one image in 30p for each eye in the highest resolution 4K. This too is an all-new sensation in the cinema and TV world."

Source: BroadcastBuyer