DVidea Introduces its Innovative Theater Management System for Digital Cinema Exhibitors

"DVidea, the company focused on developing tools to meet the challenges of digital asset management for theater owners, today unveiled its state-of-the-art Theater Management System (TMS) at IBC 2007. Designed to meet the needs of digital cinema exhibitors, the TMS was developed with the cooperation of industry partners and end-users to provide the most comprehensive tools for media management and automation.

DVidea’s Theater Management System offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools to manage each aspect of the new digital workflows involved in theater exhibition. Intuitive interfaces for each task are easy to learn and use, and adaptable to a range of workflows. The DVidea TMS system is built on open standards for straight-forward installation, easy administration and reliable third-party integration. The benefits of the DVidea TMS are significant for small independents as well as larger network theater operators.

Key Features of DVidea TMS :
Library – Easy manual or automated ingest of features, pre-shows, local productions to the Library, your Central Content Catalogue.
File and KDM Management – DVidea automatically handles your internal and external transfers and tracks the progress.
Scheduling – Programming made simple; build or import pre-shows and ad blocks. Total flexibility for current and future scheduling as well as updating shows in-progress.
Monitor – Real-time status of all devices and multiple viewing screens; built-in alerts.
Equipment Automation – Pre-set controls for sound, lights, cinema servers, projectors and third party automation systems.
Exchange – Automated data transfers of playlists, logs, financial information with booking, ticketing, point-of sales and network operating centers.

A wide range of additional features designed to improve workflow is included in DVidea Theater Management System.

DVidea Technology :
DVidea’s Theater Management System is based on open technology standards. Built on proven, non-proprietary platforms, DVidea’s TMS integrates easily with industry-standard operating systems and hardware, including third-party automation systems. The system is DCI compliant, handles multiple formats and includes security protections with full control of the workflow processes."

Source: DCinemaToday