Aspera Software to Demonstrate Revolutionary Integrated High Speed File Transfer Technology

"Aspera will be exhibiting their Fasp 2.0 high-speed file transfer products at IBC2007 in Amsterdam along with industry partners Microsoft and Isilon Systems.

Aspera will demonstrate how their integrated software is becoming the leading industry standard for high speed file transfer in digital media production, collaborative media management and scalable storage solutions.

Fasp 2.0 from Aspera, a software transport platform providing maximum speed, complete security, and breakthrough bandwidth control at global distances, will be featured in the Microsoft Interactive Media Manager solution for collaborative media management. Isilon Systems will feature Aspera's joint storage solution for scalable high performance content delivery. With now several thousand endpoint and server licenses installed world wide, Aspera's Fasp technology is virtually transforming business workflows for major Hollywood studios, production facilities, media content producers, broadcasters, and game developers, as well as Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Fasp 2.0 is available now and delivers gigabit per second transfer speeds over the WAN, providing superior efficiency for large data sets of files. Featuring adaptive rate control, enterprise-scale automation and bandwidth management over the internet and private IP networks, the fundamental problems of transferring huge data files and directories are eliminated. Fasp 2.0 provides users with the unique ability to set file transfer speeds, file priority settings, and finish times, and to track their progress, optimizing available bandwidth control, and increasing efficiency 100x or more over standard protocols like FTP. This is vital for industries that have massive amounts of critical data that require fast, secure and predictable file transfers."

Source: BroadcastBuyer