SAMMA Systems Launches The World's First Real-Time Analog To Digital Lossless Migration System

"SAMMA Systems has further revolutionized media preservation with the introduction of SAMMA Solo – the world’s first real-time, complete analog to digital migration solution.

The compact, semi-automated and quiet system complements SAMMA Systems’ robotic-based solution designed for large analog libraries by offering a cost-effective alternative to organizations possessing fewer tapes.

Finding effective methods to digitize analog assets, not only to preserve the content for the future but also provide greater access so assets can be monetized, has won recognition as an industry priority. SAMMA Solo is being launched as a real-time, cost-effective solution that provides advantages over manual transfer methods while offering the highest-quality end results. SAMMA Solo encodes mathematically lossless MJPEG2000 files in real-time in addition to other standard formats such as MPEG-2, H.264, Windows Media and Real Media.

SAMMA Solo is ideally suited for organizations planning to transfer approximately 6000 hours or less of analog tapes to the digital domain. Easily operated by non-technical users, SAMMA’s Analysis Engine comprises the heart of the new system that delivers multiple auto correction features and extensive metadata reporting.

SAMMA Solo is a turnkey, compact and affordable, digital migration solution that incorporates many of the same elements of the larger SAMMA robot; automatic analytics, video enhancements and extensive metadata reporting.

SAMMA Solo is available for purchase or lease."

Source: BroadcastBuyer