DVS Presents New CLIPSTER Real-time 4K Features

"A new hardware accelerator enables CLIPSTER users to perform significant post production stages such as zoom & pan, primary color correction, 3D LUT, and cropping in real time, even at 4K. The real-time processing allows even resource-consuming special effects editing without delay. CLIPSTER supports 100 different graphics formats, ensuring flexible content importing and real-time conversion of video footage to the desired format or resolution.

As a one-stop DI solution, CLIPSTER allows a wide variety of post production stages to be carried out from the same workstation, including film editing, conversion of output formats, color correction, and even film restoration. CLIPSTER is known worldwide to be the only system capable of processing uncompressed graphics file sequences such as DPX or 16-bit TIFF in real time, without prior conversion."

Source: BroadcastBuyer