Browse Proxy Transcoder

The use of a browse file – a frame accurate low bit rate proxy of the master essence – is an important enabler in lightweight IT based broadcast and production workflows.

The BLM Ingest service provides the ability to create the browse proxy in real time during linear ingest and in BLM deployments in which material arrives in the file domain a simple browse proxy transcoder is provided for ‘low-res’ generation.

BLM now make this simple tool available in a cut-down watch-folder only version to allow system builders to reap the benefit of low-res operations without having to tie up a fully featured transcoder.

The service will accept source material as an D-10 IMX, DNxHD, AVCi-100, DVCPro, XDCAM HD, MPEG-2, DV, H.264 or ProRes and transcode it to a defined resolution and bit rate.