AMWA Releases ‘MXF for Production’ Specification AS-10

The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) has released Application Specification AS-10, “MXF for Production”. This specification, built on the Sony XDCAM HD Format (SMPTE RDD-9), allows an end-to-end workflow to use a single file.

AS-10 is a MXF file format for typical end to end production workflows including camera acquisition, server acquisition, editing, play-out, digital distribution and archive. AS-10 is compatible with existing MXF based systems & devices that a broadcaster may already have deployed.

Previous specifications had ambiguities that could lead to inconsistent implementations. AS-10 adds details to facilitate the design of interoperable products supporting the codec family.

AS-10 does not require Descriptive Metadata. However Descriptive Metadata may be useful as part of a production workflow and is supported by the Specification AS-10 adds support for descriptive metadata, removing the need for XML sidecars to carry metadata.

Source: AMWA