FIMS 1.0 Jointly Published by EBU and AMWA

FIMS - the Framework for Interoperable Media Services - is an open standard for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). An SOA-based approach replaces the tightly coupled devices and functions found in traditional systems with a set of "Media Services" that are interoperable, interchangeable and resuable. The interfaces between these different services and the centralized system that runs them are defined by FIMS.

Broadcasters that adopt FIMS will be able to overcome expensive, disruptive incompatibilities in IT-based broadcast production technologies. It will be easier for them to adapt to future delivery formats and platforms.

The FIMS 1.0 specification is now available, comprising Part 1, the General Description, and Part 2, a multi-section document describing the Base Schema and the Transfer, Transform and Capture Services. An accompanying package of schema files is also available for download.

The documentation and files are available from both the EBU (as Tech 3356) and AMWA:
 Part 1: General Description
Part 2, S0: Base Schema
Part 2, S1: Transfer Service
Part 2, S2: Transform Service
Part 2, S3: Capture Service
XML Schemas

Source: EBU