Teranex Launching 2D-to-3D Conversion Software Aimed at Broadcasters

As 3DTVs roll out in the consumer market, there is a pressing need for stereoscopic content. To address this issue, broadcast and postproduction technology manufacturer Teranex is launching 2D-to-3D conversion software next month in the U.S. Aimed at broadcasters, the software is designed for real-time conversion of live events or library titles for television.

"You can buy a 3DTV today, but there is very little content," explained Mike Poirier, general manager at Teranex. "With these new algorithms, we have the ability to take client's content and transition it from 2D to 3D."

The VC1-2D-3D software is a cross converter application that allows for 2D-to-3D conversion in real time, and is priced at $14,995. It runs on Teranex's VC100 universal frame synchronizer and format converter hardware platform, which is priced at $23,995.

Teranex is also launching in the U.S. this December its VC1-3D-ENC encoder and VCI-3D-DEC decoder software for 3D production, each priced at $7,499.

The company has already started to roll out the technology in Asia, where it has sold 40 applications, and in Europe, where it has sold 12. It is planning events to demonstrate the new technology in the U.S. These will be held during the first week of December in Los Angeles and the following week in New York.

Additional manufacturers that offer conversion tools to broadcasters include JVC with its IF-2D3D1 stereoscopic image processor, which works as a real-time 2D-to-3D converter and is priced at $30,000.

Also, Sony's MPE-200 multi-image processor box, which was built with an eye toward live events and was used during the FIFA World Cup, lists for $38,000 and recently got new 2D-to-3D conversion software.

By Carolyn Giardina, The Hollywood Reporter