SENSIO Puts SENSIO 3D Technology and Expertise to Work for Videotron

SENSIO Technologies is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Videotron, the leading integrated communications company in Quebec. As part of its broadcasting activities, Videotron will launch a 3D content offering this coming December.

The cable-TV distributor has selected SENSIO for its SENSIO 3D technology as well as its expertise, acquired through over ten years in the industry, in order to deliver the most immersive experience to the consumer, whatever the type of television set owned.

For 3DTVs, programming will be offered in the SENSIO 3D format. SENSIO 3D technology enables broadcasting of 3D content over the conventional 2D infrastructure, via cable, satellite or IPTV, while providing superior quality to common frame-compatible formats. SENSIO 3D delivers ‘visually lossless’ 3D images, which are so faithful to the originally captured images that the difference is imperceptible to the eye of the viewer.

For non 3D-enabled TVs, SENSIO’s know-how enables the best-quality anaglyph (viewed through the red-and-cyan glasses), which provides an unrivalled level of viewing comfort. Through these technologies, Videotron’s customers will be able to view diversified 3D content including movies via video-on-demand, sporting events and concerts.

Source: SENSIO Technologies